I'm a sexy, thick, tattooed woman. This blog is NSFW likes, loves, and hates. I'm body positive and on a new clean eating journey.
I'm all about tattoos, curves, pin ups, vintage hair styles, and my man.

July 23, 2014 12:56 pm

Naked ass at work gif! Hehe

12:53 pm


bigshug26: Oh and btw you and your page a FREAKIN' AMAZING!!!

Thank you very much!!!

12:53 pm


Anonymous: Your bath time selfies are waaaay better than the ones I sent you lol. Super sexy!

Haha no yours were very sexy I promise!

July 21, 2014 2:20 pm


nugget18: U need a helping hand??? 👋

Hehe always!!!

2:20 pm


sentinelprime87: I wish you can see how hard you got me!!!

Hehe well I believe you.

1:48 pm


sentinelprime87: Is really hard for me being at work and looking at your new bath set pics and not jack off! You look amazing btw!!!

Haha naughty looking at tumblr while at
Work! Me too! Glad you enjoy :)

1:38 pm


Anonymous: How much do you weigh?

280lbs currently

1:23 pm 8:07 am 8:06 am


unapologeticwhore: You're so dang pretty!

Thanks doll!!!! So are you! I love
Your photos!